Next Level Dash

Next Level Dash


The Next Level Dash, is all about bringing your '58 to '67 dashboard to the next level.  I contains custom molding, custom gauge openings, an adapter for a custom Speedhut 4.5" speedometer with fuel and/or tach combo, a matching radio face plate, and glove box molding.  All molding is in 304 stainless billet, polished to perfection (like a mirror).  Bring your dashboard to the NEXT LEVEL!


Gauges and radio NOT included!

  • Installation Notes

    It is possible to use this kit in a later model Beetle, if you convert to a flat dash, from the padded dash, but it does take considerably more effort, and some products that you have to purchase via the U.K.

    Besides that, here are two videos that describe the installation of the "Next Level Dash":

    One final note that is not talked about in the installation videos.  The dash panels come in raw steel, but they have been coated with a rust preventative called Dry Coat.  Leave that one until you are truly ready to paint the panels, so they don't rust.  To remove it, when you are ready for paint, just wash the panels with a mild soap and water.  Then immediately, they should be prepped for paint.