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Evolution Two Cooling System Now Available!

I'm pleased to announce the availability of the Evolution Two cooling system! It's finally here, and it is a game changer.

This cooling system will flow at least 64% more air than an OEM Doghouse cooling system. It does require an external oil cooler, as there is no provision for the OEM oil cooler. The air directional vanes on the inside of the fan shroud keeps airflow between cylinders one and two and cylinder three and four balanced (near perfect), so you won't have one side of your engine running hotter than the other. It also divides the airflow between the cylinder head and the cylinders in a roughly 65/35 ratio, so the majority of the cooling air goes to the cylinder heads, as is needed. With all that extra airflow, you have some interesting possibilities depending on your particular setup.

If you don't have cooling problems, but would like to run taller gear ratios, you could run this cooling system, and change out for a taller ring and pinion, or change out your fourth or fifth gear if your running a Gene Berg five speed, or other transaxle, to lower your RPM at highway cruising speeds without having to worry about your engine over heating.

If your running a dry sump, or want to use a dry sump oiling system, you can run this cooling system, and run a small pulley that will clear the dry sump oil pump, and still get good cooling.

For high performance engines, you can definitely run the stock diameter pulley, if you need all of the extra capacity, and your engine will run cooler, and last longer. Engines that run hot don't last very long. Engines that run cool, last a lot longer, and the balanced airflow of this cooling system also means that you have less temperature variation across the engine components, which means less stress on things like the cylinder heads.

Here is a look at all the components you get:

The fan shroud comes as bare metal with will need to be prepped and painted, or prepped and powder coated.

Thanks to everyone for the great interest in this new product. It has been a joy to develop, and will be a joy to build for anyone that wants one!

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