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Evolution Two Cooling System

Evolution Two Cooling System

The Evolution Two cooling system is a complete cooling solution for your aircooled VW Type 1 engine.  I comes with an all new design fan shroud that has balanced airflow between both sides of engine, e.g. the same amount of airflow is provided to cylinders 1 & 2, and to cylinders 3 & 4.  The airflow is also divided appropriately between the cylinder heads and cylinder, where approximately 65% of the airflow goes to the cylinder heads and 35% goes to the cylinders.


It comes with an innovative duel inlet squirrel cage centrifugal fan that is 83% lighter than a welded OEM fan.  The weight savings provides for increased throttle response that is very noticeable, just like a lightweight flywheel, as it takes less horsepower to change the speed of the fan (not less horsepower overall, as the amount of air being moved dominates the power requirements of any fan)!


The overall cooling system flows some 64% more air than an OEM Doghouse fan shroud, making this cooling system a game changer for keeping your engine cool regardless of your engine combination and the ambient air temperatures.  For many, it wil enable them to change gearing to run taller gears on the highway and still get proper cooling (e.g. with a stock cooling system the engine needs to be at 3,200 RPM at 65 mph to keep the engine cool).  It could also enable the use of dry sump oiling systems because the smaller crankshaft pulley required to clear the pump won't diminish cooling capacity to the point that you now have an overheating condition.  Lot's of interesting possibilities with engine combinations, but still keep the engine running cool.  Cool running engines last longer!


As a complete system, the following are provided:


  • Brand new hand fabricated fan shroud
  • Duel inlet lightweight cooling fan
    • Comes with an improved mounting system with parts that keep the tolerances tight including:
      • Alternator under mount spacer
      • Improved design fan mount, with six socket screw mounting (no more wallowed out fans)
      • Custom aluminum spacer, lock washer and flange nut
  • Alternator side inlet that replaces the backing plate
  • Silicone seals for the throttle tube on both sides of the fan shroud (like OEM Doghouse)
  • Oil cooler block-off (comes with proper mounting studs and OEM oil cooler seals)
  • Optional support for the Gene Berg Throttle linkage
    • Requires a special alternator side inlet
    • Requires at least one of the coil bracket nuts
    • Requires a custom spacer to sit under the linkage cross member
  • Optional support for the stock coil bracket, in the stock location


Fan shroud comes as bare metal, and can be powder coated or painted to suit your desires and needs.


WARNING:  This cooling system does not support generators, or generators that have been converted to alternators.  They have a different way that the fan attaches, and my mounting system is not compatible.

  • Special Notes - Gene Berg Throttle Linkage

    To support the Gene Berg throttle linkage, the linkage cross member (angle bar) has to be modified.

    A template is provided that will give you the ability to scribe where it needs to be cut, and you will need an angle grinder to grind away along the scribe line you make with the template.

    This is necessary because the cross member will block the upper part of the air inlet.

    Besides the modification to the cross member (which does not seem to weaken it in any meaningful way), a custom spacer is required where the top coil mount nut is, so that the cross member is sitting level across the entire fan shroud, which will prevent any binding issues with the linkage.

  • Installation Instructions

    You can find my assembly instructions here on YouTube

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