Lightweight Cooling Fan

Lightweight Cooling Fan


This is the all new patent pending cooling fan for all VW Type 1 Doghouse cooling systems.  It is 74% lighter than a welded OEM fan, provides 7-8% more air flow, and is a single piece that will not fly apart!


I have tested the fan to 8,000 RPM engine speed, which equates to 12,800 fan RPM, without issue.  Get better cooling, better engine response, and never worry about your fan flying apart and destroying your cooling system ever again (probably won't experience fan belt flying off at high rpm either).

  • Installation Notes

    When installing this fan, it installs on the same steel hub as the OEM fan, but should not need any spacing shims.  So, install like the OEM fan, but torque the nut and washer that comes with the fan to 30 to 32 ft. lbs.  Also, the nut requires Loctite 271 to keep it secure (it's the Red loctite), since we don't have the room for a spring washer.