Speedhut 4.5" Gauge Adapter

Speedhut 4.5" Gauge Adapter


Adapter for Speedhut 4.5" Gauge for a Type 1 Beetle or Karmann Ghia.  This makes it possible to install the Speedhut 4.5" gauges in a Beetle to replace the speedometer with one of the Speedhut Speedometers, or you can purchase two, and adapt two 4.5" gauges to replace the speedometer and the clock in a Karmann Ghia.  You will notice a picture, that shows a 4.5" speedometer/tach combo gauge and a 4 gauge cluster within the 4.5" gauge that contains fuel, oil temperature, oil pressure, and volt meter.  You can use this combination to have a complete seven gauge solution for a Karmann Ghia, as pictured.  Watch my video on the Andrig's Aircooled Technology Facebook page.

  • Installation Notes

    Watch the following video on my Facebook page for installation instructions, and the uses.  You may need two, if you are doing the two 4.5" gauges for a Karmann Ghia.



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